At McLernon & Co. we pride ourselves on the creative approach we take with each of our clients. Valentine’s Day was the perfect opportunity to play with some fun creative elements and step outside the lines with our content.

Tru Fru Organic: Our strategy for this client involved partnering with like-minded brands in order to grow our client’s brand awareness. We ran two Valentine’s Day giveaway campaigns on Instagram with custom created imagery and a stop motion in order to engage and grow our followers.

Tru Fru Paid Ads: McLernon & Co. created these paid social ads for a Sampling event for Costco. We split our targeting into “Single” & “Taken” Audience segments and played with witty, edgy copy to invoke some excitement & buzz.

Panty Drop Organic: We ran a 5 day promotional giveaway of specialty items for Valentine’s Day. We wanted to target women with our messaging, and like with all of the brand’s messaging, we focused on including all women versus calling out single women or women in relationships and vice versa.

Panty Drop Instagram Story: We created a shareable graphic to encourage women to send some love to their girlfriends – single or not. This was a way to include everyone, regardless of their relationship status, in the holiday in a fun and eye-catching way.

The Beef Boutique Paid Ads: McLernon & Co. developed Valentine’s Day Ads on Facebook & Instagram for equine lovers and highlighted the versatility of Valentine’s Day not being all about our two-legged loves.

Stephanie Lyman Instagram Story: Our strategy for this Women’s Leadership Coach involved supporting Stephanie’s brand by sending love to her fellow Galentine’s. We created a repost graphic for Instagram stories and filled in Stephanie’s top pics for her favorite gal pals.

Skin Co. Organic: Our strategy for the Skin Co. was to create a grateful Valentine message to all of our loyal customers.

Hometown Quotes Paid Ads: McLernon & Co. created a paid campaign around a big special Hometown Quotes wanted to offer their clients for Valentine’s Day.

Mooi Instagram Story: We focused on a fun shareable template with hopes of increasing our engaged audience in a fun way for “Galentine’s Day”. In order to make sure we stayed on brand our content was a mix of girlfriends and beauty.

The McLernon & Co. team is constantly searching for new ways to provide compelling and competitive Holiday content for our clients. If you have been considering running provoking paid advertising or exciting organic content, set up a free consultation to chat with us here!