Denver Startup Week 2018 is a five-day event that brings together companies from all corners of the market — digital, technological, service-oriented, product-based, and more. Sessions throughout the week are led by individual businesses and leaders in the Colorado community and are an unmatched opportunity to gain skills, education, and networking that will help your company grow! For product-based companies, there are a number of sessions designed to help you succeed in marketing, consumer engagement, and market research. Read below McLernon & Co.’s top picks for the week!

Every business owner knows that marketing is the key to expanding your customer base and spreading the word about your products. Getting started with product marketing can be an overwhelming prospect. In this session they’ll cover product messaging, how to build buy-in product marketing, campaigns for user acquisition, and creative ways to continue your product promotion efforts.

This headlining event features the physical products created by entrepreneurs and start-ups throughout Denver. With companies across a variety of fields including outdoor recreation, crafters, robotics, green energy, and general consumer products, there’s a wealth of information to be obtained. The showcase is an opportunity for market research and an unparalleled space for networking. Along with individual booths, there will be a variety of “fireside chats” throughout the session covering a range of topics related to products.

It can be hard to determine what your consumers and customers are looking for. This session is designed to help you through that process with a look into the fields of cognition and neuroscience. By taking a look at how the brain processes information and human interaction, you can better understand how to create and sell products that appeal to your customers.

While business tends to center on revenue and consumer engagement, there’s another dimension to creating the perfect product — making a difference. Your business can be more than a revenue generator, and rather, make an impact on the world in a powerful way! Four makers who are making a difference share their stories in this session, and they’ll provide the inspiration for a thought exercise of your own in building a business that gives back in some way.

It’s hard not to notice how the business world has transformed with technology. Which means selling your product happens within a digital framework. Learn from leading Colorado-based experts on transforming products through technology and walk away with valuable skills you can utilize in your business.

Whatever type of business you have, take advantage of all the opportunities Denver Startup Week 2018 has to offer! There are 376 programs happening throughout the week across six different categories — designer, developer, founder, growth, maker, and product. If you or your team are looking to focus on digital marketing, read about our top 10 sessions for digital marketers here.

As the largest free event of its kind throughout the world, there’s endless potential for connections and education that can help your business thrive. Whether you’re exploring the event as an individual representative for your business or the whole team is involved, soak up as much of the experience as you can! Looking for more ways to maximize your week? Read “How to Maximize Denver Startup Week” here!

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