As a small business ourselves, McLernon & Co. knows the fruitfulness Denver Startup Week has brought to our business. Digital marketers would be remiss not to take advantage of the numerous sessions happening throughout the week covering marketing, product, entrepreneurial and business growth all for FREE. We’ve gathered some of our favorite sessions you won’t want to miss out on during a full five days of information, education, and networking!

Any digital marketer knows the value of content. But creating powerful, influential content in today’s crowded digital landscape can be tough. This session looks at growing trends in content marketing and how to use those tools to your success.

This headlining event focuses on creating a genuine connection online, a hot topic for 2018! With users spending an average of 1.7 hours per day on social networks fatigue is setting in, giving influencer marketing a major advantage over any other digital advertising method. If you are looking for an overview of all things digital (influencer marketing, paid social, data and analytics and brand safety) this Monday afternoon session is for you!

Building a brand is a key aspect of marketing a business or service. But creating a strong brand is more than just uniform colors and fonts. In this digital age, consumers are looking for messages that resonate with their experiences. In this session, an interactive panel shares their secrets for branding success.

As you know, marketing has become increasingly SOCIAL. While platforms like Facebook and Instagram continue to dominate the communication landscape, it’s important to use their information creatively and effectively. However, in this session, you’ll dive into alternate audiences — email lists, web traffic, purchaser data — to get the biggest ROI in your social sphere and create a secure customer database that can last longer than the uncertainty of social.

While getting customers to engage in content is the first step, how do you keep them? A group of panelists discuss their effective finds with marketing automation campaigns. They’ll talk about what content works best and how to analyze the data to modify your process.

(Yes, this is our session – shameless plug)! This hands-on workshop builds the foundation for a successful social media strategy within a growing business. Social media has become a primary marketing tool and we know if you’re not using social media effectively, you’re losing business. A quick overview will introduce the concepts and then hands-on time allows you to begin your strategy while we are there to help!

This session will broaden your perception of organic content and how to maximize its reach. When you don’t have a physical product to promote, it can make marketing a more challenging endeavor. But your original content has untapped potential in the world of digital advertising and combining the two can help your business reap the benefits of two differently effective mediums.

Social media has become a powerful force within the digital marketing sphere. An up-and-coming resource in social media marketing is the use of influencers. Influencers are social media mavens who can promote your services and products to their many followers. This session will share the best practices you can use when considering influencers for your business marketing.

With digital marketing, we’re so often focused on what’s happening outside of our office space but cultivating a productive culture within your team or business is just as important to your revenue. Teams and business cultures that work well together inspire the best results. In this panel, you’ll hear from creative business leaders who have focused on their company’s culture — and how that has helped them thrive!

LinkedIn is an often-ignored social media platform. Marketers focus their efforts and attention on Facebook and Instagram but LinkedIn offers an untapped potential. This panel of LinkedIn experts offers 6 hacks to bolster your social media ROI.

Feeling inspired? These are just ten of our favorite sessions for digital marketers happening at this year’s #DenStartupWeek. Check out the schedule for other sessions to make the most of your time and hear from the experts on how to build your digital marketing. If you’re looking for other ways to maximize and get the most of out Denver Startup Week we have a blog post for that! Click here to read.

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