One of our favorite parts of the & Co. Collective is having the opportunity to connect with like-minded creatives, marketers, and business owners. Sometimes those titles overlap – like in the case of Chloe of Boxwood Avenue, whom we had the opportunity to chat with all about Instagram Stories.

In case you’re not in the Collective (which, what are you waiting for? Join HERE), we’ve decided to share a few of our top takeaways from our recent interview with Chloe.


#1 Be Human

Life is messy, why should your Instagram stories be any different. It’s exhausting *trying* to be perfect all the time. Did you just spill that smoothie all over your shirt? Share it (#leespillsoftheday)! No makeup on? Who cares? You can have the prettiest feed on the platform, but unless you’re showing your human side, then what does it all really matter? Take Chloe’s advice and get down with your real self!


#2 Record in SnapChat – Post to Instagram

Let’s be honest, we LOVE Instagram stories, but for some reason, SnapChat’s video feature always seems a bit crisper. Chloe recommended that we record our videos in SnapChat to get the very best video quality we can – hey, we’ll take it! What’s even better – when you save a video in SnapChat, it’s stored in your ‘memories’ rather than directly to your camera roll. Download the ones you love and not the ones you don’t.


#3 Have Multiple Characters in Your Stories

Anyone else feel the pressure of being a one-woman show? Let’s make life a bit easier by introducing some other characters. For Chloe, it’s her farm animals, husband, and other team members! I mean, how cute?! Amanda has her bike scrappy. Julie has her cat, Winnie. Who are the other characters in your life? They can be anyone from a plant you named, to your faithful sidekick corgi (lookin’ at you @Damn_Delicious).


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