A New Business

Therapy Reset opened the doors of its first ketamine therapy clinic in January 2019. As a brand new business, Therapy Reset was in need of marketing its presence in the Utah area. With ketamine therapy as an option of burgeoning interest for those seeking relief from depression, anxiety, pain, and other types of stress, Therapy Reset found itself in a position of needing to market its clinic, educate and comfort consumers in the option, and generate leads to book appointments.


Brand Awareness and Social Credibility

Organic Content

Therapy Reset came to McLernon & Co. with no social media presence. In order to reach the end goal of driving leads, we first needed to establish a presence on Facebook and Instagram to create credibility with the audience of our marketing campaigns. We did this with paid ads and organic content in tandem. To establish credibility with prospective patients and loved ones researching on their behalf, our team’s content guru, Courtney Judd, created organic Facebook and Instagram feed posts to both educate and provide confidence in Therapy Reset as a legitimate business. In this day-and-age, social media profiles are one of the first places customers look to familiarize themselves with a business and read reviews from past clients.


Social profiles were created for Therapy Reset, and populated with organic content.


Paid Ads

To drive people toward Therapy Reset’s page and bolster its number of followers, our team’s Paid Ads expert, Danielle Noe, created a Facebook ‘Like’ campaign through paid ads. This campaign was used for brand awareness of Therapy Reset, and carried an educational message of ketamine therapy. Because ketamine therapy is often sought after many failed trials with traditional therapy, this educational approach to the paid Facebook ‘Like’ campaign was used to capture the attention of those still searching for a solution, while providing Therapy Reset as an informational source.

With Therapy Reset sitting in the unique industry of the medical field, it was imperative that we created this foundation of legitimacy for the business before shifting toward lead generation.


Top Performing Lead-Generating Ad. 80 leads generated from this ad alone.


Shift Toward Leads

After a month of building a foundation of presence on social media, Danielle shifted our paid ads focus toward generating leads for Therapy Reset. Courtney’s organic content messaging stayed with the same message of education. However, now that we had an established presence on social media for the business, we introduced a call to action to our paid ads for people to schedule consultations and appointments.



The leads campaign for Therapy Reset was a wild success. After receiving 13 leads via social during the month of February, while building brand awareness, that number ballooned to 116 leads after focus on paid ads was shifted toward lead generation.
Therapy Reset has been experiencing a 11.2% close rate on these leads, and is currently booked on appointments for the next three months, creating a 15.5x return on ad spend.

In the healthcare industry, it costs a business on average $12.31 for each individual who takes action through a Facebook ad campaign. For Therapy Reset, we got that cost per action down 32% to $8.39.

First establishing brand awareness for this new business allowed us to effectively seek out engagement and conversions through our social media campaigns. Since creating Therapy Reset’s social media profiles in January, we received 1440 post engagements and 926 clicks to their website through March 2019.