Due to the power of social media, you’ve probably heard by now that the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, is in flames and has been for over 2 weeks now. To do our due diligence as a social media agency, we dug straight into this to discover how we can help and how we can spread the word online and make an impact offline. In our research, we discovered so many interesting facts beneath the surface that we felt were incredibly important to share. Read below for more!

The Amazon is a lush, dense rainforest that produces 20% of the world’s oxygen and is the most biodiverse ecosystem on the planet, according to the Rainforest Alliance. At this moment, the Amazon rainforest is at risk more than ever due to more than 2,500 wildfires burning within it. This particular disaster is manmade, a product of deforestation efforts to make room for livestock grazing pastures and is proving to be one of the most catastrophic environmental emergencies in recent years. But the Amazon fire is not the first nor the last of its kind as satellite footage presents evidence that fires have increased in the region over 84% over the last year, detecting over 72,000 fires since the beginning of this 2019 (Source: Rainforest Alliance). 

Destruction of the Amazon rainforest and others like it can and will prove detrimental to the rest of the planet, as the oxygen these trees produce significantly offset the damage of global carbon emissions. The region also has a substantial impact on global rainfall patterns. The very existence of this natural resource supports the global ecosystem, so much so that it’s crucial to our survival. (Source: Rainforest Alliance).

“Although global attention is now focused on the Brazilian Amazon, it is important to note that manmade forest fires are an ongoing phenomenon that threatens tropical forests around the world, from the Amazon and Indonesia to Guatemala and Mexico. This should be of utmost concern to people around the world, since forests provide a powerful natural climate solution that, along with better agricultural practices, could deliver up to 37% of the greenhouse gas emissions reductions required between now and 2030 to stabilize global warming below 2°C in a cost-effective manner. Research confirms that natural climate solutions are critical in mitigating climate change, thanks to their carbon sequestering and storage capabilities (Source: Rainforest Alliance).”

This news sent ripples all over the world in the past 48 hours. World leaders including U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres and Emmanual Macron of France are beginning to take action, making the Amazon the primary focus of the upcoming G7 summit in France. However, there’s still an incredible amount that can be done to combat this issue. The situation is dire, and the battle is far from over.

At McLernon & Co., it’s no secret that we LOVE to use social media influence to make a difference, so here are 3 social accounts YOU can support to help the Amazon rainforest and the planet as a whole: