“I reached out to Amanda for help with my social media. She was such a pleasure to work with. She came prepared about our business and was ready to help strategize. Our meetings were fun and energetic, I learned so much new information at each session. She took her time to explain it, and I was always able to reach out and ask her questions between our meetings. She helped get many new followers on Instagram and help with Facebook marketing. She had great ideas and helped me put them to use. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Amanda and would recommend her to everyone!”


— Kelly Ryan, Davis-Ryan Real Estate

“The thing I enjoy most about having McLernon & Co. run my accounts is being free from scheduling every social media post. It allows me to focus on other aspects of my business and allows my creativity to flow, instead of being restrained and distracted with full responsibility of running my social media accounts. McLernon & Co. has turned our growing social media followers into customers by engaging with our casual followers and to turn them into customers. I love working with the McLernon & Co. team because we collaborate and bounce ideas back and forth. It’s invaluable and rare to work with someone else who is just as motivated and excited about my brand as I am.”


— Austin Whitmore, Owner of Cowboy Fresh

“I hired McLernon and Co. to help get my business social media accounts off the ground. I was no stranger to social media- I had been running my personal accounts for years, so I was hesitant to the thought that I was actually in need of help. After my initial consultation with  Amanda, it opened my eyes up to how much I didn’t know! Every meeting I learned so much, and felt like Amanda was there each step of the way guiding me. It was so nice that I was encouraged to be myself online, and not this stiff professional version of me. Amanda made sure every post and picture stayed true to me and my brand. Thank you to McLernon and Co. for helping me not only with my social media presence, but helping me define my brand.”


— Sherry Christopher, Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices | Drysdale Properties

“I’ve been working with McLernon & Co for over a year, and have had an amazing experience and amazing results.

I’ve had a consulting practice for many years and had done no formal marketing or social media. Over the past year, the McLernon & Co. team has been able to boost my presence and leveraged my voice in a way that has brought me new business relationships, revitalized old business contacts. My postings are frequently commented on and reposted by the caliber of clients I am seeking. I trust them to find the right content and shape it to fit my voice.

I am getting ready to launch a new service within my practice, and I have complete confidence in their abilities to help me to grow this service quickly. I highly recommend this team. They are easy to work with, highly creative and completely dependable.”


— Susan Mahoney, STM Consulting

“I recently worked 1:1 with Amanda on a consulting project for a strategic campaign around driving in-store foot traffic to my store, in Reno, Nevada. Her genuinely authentic perspective on social media is so refreshing! #KeepSocialMediaSocial reminds me that this should be fun and therefore helps motivate me to actually do it. I always knew that she was extremely knowledgeable when it comes to social media, but I recently discovered that she also has a true talent for event planning and the coordinating social campaigns as well! Her energy keeps you excited, and her authenticity keeps it real. You’re in good hands with this team!”


— Tessa Miller, The Nest

“McLernon & Co is a great company to work with. Their team is professional, passionate, organized and smart. The social media campaigns that were executed this past year for our event were well thought out, creative and fun. We saw some great results, especially on Instagram, and I am looking forward to working with them in the future!”


— Mandy Linquist, California Rodeo Salinas 

“I’m somebody with a strong inclination to learn things myself, so I have a tendency to be pretty skeptical of consultants and coaches. But, I realized that I needed to engage some outside help on marketing in order to really make sure I was prioritizing business development. I knew immediately from my intro call with Amanda that she knows her sh*t.

She was thoughtful in considering what platforms and strategies were right for my business and took into account my bandwidth for engaging in different social media channels before she made personal, specific strategy recommendations for my business.

I thought I had a good handle on social media because let’s be real, I spend more than my fair share of time scrolling. Plus, I’ve studied content marketing in the past and went into work with McLernon and Co. with confidence in my content game. But working with Amanda totally fundamentally changed my perspective on how to use social media.

Amanda helped me understand the best way to build authentic connections with potential clients who I know (or would like to know) in real life. Her guidance helped me find a way to joyfully and sincerely connect with others — people who I truly want to talk to!

I’m not really spending more time on social media than I was before we met, but I went from having zero leads directly through Instagram for the six months prior to meeting Amanda to having four strong Instagram leads the week after we met.

And the very best part is that I’m just doing it by getting out there, being myself, and meeting people who I enjoy on and offline. Amanda’s coaching was critical for me figuring out how to effectively present my services on social media, and I’ll be forever grateful!”


— Allie Moore, Allie Moore Law

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