“Amanda is such an engaging, powerful speaker!

Whether she is on a big stage or behind a screen, Amanda has a real gift in enrolling the audience into her presentation. She’s relatable in her approach, inspiring in her storytelling abilities, and gifted at going deep on topics related to her genius — which is quite expansive.”

— Rachel Lubchansky, Founder/CEO REL Impact & Sheer Impact Conference & Community

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About Amanda

Take Hannah Gadsby’s rawness, Kaitlyn Bristowe’s relatable humor, Gabrielle Bernstein’s spirituality, Brené Brown’s passion for self-discovery and growth, and Glennon Doyle’s bold courage, and you get Amanda McLernon.

An entrepreneur and social media agency founder, Amanda speaks about the intersection of social media, technology addiction, human kindness and empathy, and relationships in the digital and physical worlds. She’s on a mission to Keep Social Media Social and Kind by helping people cultivate their online worlds through their actions, thoughts, and words. By teaching individuals, groups, and audiences how to set healthy boundaries with social media, she also helps them live a better life IRL.

Obsessed with the digital world from a young age, Amanda got her start on social media at age 11. By age 25, it became more than just a place to connect with friends and family—it became a place to run a business as she launched McLernon & Co. While growing her social media agency, she began to spend more and more time on social media as she used it for her clients, her own business, and her personal needs. Eventually, she was clocking in over ten hours a day online as an online business owner, social activist, and a social butterfly. The result? A social media addiction which led to a personal depression – and then one day an awakening.

Amanda realized she needed help. With the help of a cognitive therapist, she began to explore and study the connection between cognitive therapy, positive psychology, habits and addiction cycles, social media, and mindfulness.

Now, Amanda is paying those lessons forward. Through her talks, she teaches others how to be mindful of their time, activity, and energy on social media – and how that impacts the bottom line in business. During her talks, Amanda also covers how she created habits that helped her confront her addictive scrolling and reduce the resulting anxiety and depression.

Fresh takes on the digital and physical worlds for orgs of all sizes

Known for her bold yet vulnerable style, Amanda is available to speak to your organization, either IRL or digitally. She’s especially adept at engaging audiences through live social platforms and video streams.

Her keynote, “Setting Boundaries with Social Media,” is ready for any conference or meeting. She can also create custom presentations based on an organization’s needs.

Some of her speaking topics include:

  • Practicing mindfulness in the physical and digital worlds
  • Bringing humanity back to the internet with mindful marketing
  • Confronting and unraveling your social media addiction
  • Creating an ethical social media strategy and methodology
  • Detoxing your digital habits
  • Making the move to entrepreneur
  • Bootstrapping a business – money mistakes & lessons
  • Social media, religion and spirituality
  • Custom presentations tailored to your audience, event, and needs

Meet your audience where they want to be

Is your audience emotionally intelligent, forward-thinking, creative, strategic, and continuously online? Then they’ll love Amanda. She speaks to groups of all ages, from pre-teens to start-up dreamers to seasoned marketing professionals.

Some of her previous speaking engagements have been for:

  • General Assembly
  • University of Denver
  • Denver Startup Week
  • Business Unusual Virtual Conference
  • Sheer Impact Virtual Conference
  • Junior Achievement of Colorado
  • The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
  • The Mile High Young Professionals
  • The Rising Tide Society

Put Amanda on your Podcast or YouTube Show

In addition to delivering engaging and motivational keynotes, Amanda also joins podcast and YouTube hosts to discuss the same topics she delivers to packed audiences. Some of her recent appearances include:

Amanda McLernon, Moxie Podcast
Moxie Podcast: Amanda addresses the importance of prioritizing joy, shares some techniques for moving out of a negative headspace, and discusses her dedication to journaling and manifesting, and how that has impacted her life.
Overcoming Social Media Addiction with Amanda McLernon
Business Soul Podcast: Amanda shares her own story of her social media addiction, and her journey into developing a healthy, sustainable relationship with social media.

Less words and more talk

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