At McLernon & Co., we’re not a regular social media agency. We’re a cool social media agency—and by “cool,” we mean that we’re completely upending the traditional business model to focus on global impact. We take a hybrid approach to our social media services, offering strategy, “done for you” content creation and publishing and custom packages. We also host events and speak about social media on the regular. Like a nice restaurant, our menu of services is seasonal and is updated regularly. Not sure what service is right for you? Don’t worry, that’s our job. Book a free consultation with Amanda and our team by emailing


This is perfect for: Individuals, businesses, and solopreneurs who want to invest in themselves, improve their relationship with and use of social media, and live a better life in the physical and digital worlds

If you HAVE TO level up your social media skills or strategy ASAP and don’t have the time to waste on Googling and falling down the research rabbit hole, then this service is for you. You’ll get to work directly with McLernon & Co. founder, Amanda McLernon to find what works for your specific goals and objectives. This custom coaching program is designed around your social media intentions, strengths, capabilities, and resources.

Pricing: $500 for a two-hour session or $1,200 for three (3) two-hour sessions. Email Amanda directly to discuss a more extensive strategy project, or with the subject line LFDTRN (Let’s f*cking do this right now) if you’re ready to go.


Admit it—you’ve got a bit of feed-envy when you look at your competitor’s Instagram and Facebook stories. Not enough to send them a bushel of poison apples or anything, but enough that makes you wish for a fairy godmother who could Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo a gorgeous campaign that engages your audience and results in sales and conversions. Well, consider us your talking mice, the genie of the lamp, and Glinda all rolled into one.

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Pricing: $500/month for 6 months

Back by popular demand, we’re offering a variety of (virtual – #thankscovid) classes and courses on topics related to social media strategy, management, and keeping social media social. Hop on over to our Events Page to see our full lineup of upcoming classes!


Are you in charge of learning and development for a business or organization? Searching for the perfect keynote for your next event? Seeking a guest for your podcast who brings gusto, good vibes, and real talk? Head over to the Speaking Page to learn more about getting Amanda McLernon up on your mic.


We create custom projects on the reg, and Amanda works with individuals and organizations whose energy and values align with hers. If you’ve got a creative idea and want Amanda’s energy on it, contact us and she’ll reach out to see if it’s a good fit.