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As an exciting highlight within their 80th year of business, Sconza Chocolates had the opportunity to bring their Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds to Costco’s big box retail stores for a limited time.

Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds, already Sconza’s bestseller, is a flavor line inspired by the family’s Italian roots, and the lemoncello liqueur served with dessert during family trips to Italy.

During a milestone year for the family business, McLernon & Co. recognized the importance of supporting the two-month Costco retail opportunity for such a personal candy for the family. To elevate this opportunity, we created a marketing campaign focused specifically on awareness for Lemonchello and its limited run in Costco.



While our standard paid ads campaigns for Sconza focus on brand awareness, online conversions, and page likes, we knew this marketing campaign required additional messaging centered around drive-to-retail, and product launch (within a new retail location). McLernon & Co. introduced three new paid ads campaigns specifically for Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds.

Each of these campaigns served a specific purpose and were strategically used throughout the limited shelf life for the product within Costco.

  • Awareness – announcing the product’s arrival in Costco, and creating excitement for the purchase opportunity.
  • Website Traffic – specifically directing people to Sconza’s website location finder for Costcos that were carrying Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds.
  • Drive-To-Retail – message promoting product samples available at Costco.


Though the retail run was for 8 weeks, McLernon & Co. began paid ads efforts a month prior to build anticipation for Lemoncello Chocolate Almond’s arrival. Our messaging was specific to “coming soon” and where to find the product once it arrived in locations.

Upon the on-sale date, messaging across these campaigns pivoted to “available now,” and introduced awareness of in-store product demos and sampling.

After the initial window of time spent around the exciting announcement of the product’s availability, we shifted most messaging toward general awareness of the product in location, and a heavy highlight of in-store product demos and sampling. A traditional element closely associated with Costco’s shopping experience is the availability of free samples throughout the store. We wanted to closely associate Sconza’s Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds with this experience for consumers reached via paid ads. Free samples are half the reason people love going to Costco!

Being a traditional candy company, Sconza Chocolates has a wide target demographic. We targeted candy-lovers within the right US markets while focusing top-of-funnel to get the message to as many consumers as possible.

This campaign-specific push for Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds in Costco resulted in paid ads contributing 35k clicks to Sconza’s website, over 69k post engagements and 201 website purchases totaling over $5.7k in direct sales.



Because this was a timely sales campaign with a limited run, we needed to make a splash. We identified influencer marketing as an element of this overall campaign that would hit hard and fast for reach and impact.

To maximize awareness opportunity through influencers, we contracted content creators with large followings across multiple platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and blogs. While the reach is integral to the mission, it was significant for us to work with influencers who could convey the passion that drives the brand behind a candy 80-years in the making.

Our influencers went above and beyond the simple ‘product in hand’ photos that are common for sponsored posts. These influencers tell their stories through creative content that resonates with an engaged audience, which is what helped develop their following. They carried that enthusiasm through their Sconza posts in unique ways, such as creating elaborate photoshoots or incorporating Lemoncello as an ingredient in baking recipes.

By working with these chosen influencers, McLernon & Co. delivered a message that was true and authentic to the Sconza brand, while maximizing reach on an affordable spend.

  • Total Influencers Engaged: 16 Total
  • Total Reach: 5,305,000
  • Total Earned Media (IG Posts): 16 Posts
  • Total Earned Media (FB Posts): 13 Posts
  • Total Earned Media (Blogs): 13 Blog Posts

Though it is difficult to quantify social media tactics that drive in-store traffic, we are extremely pleased with the paid ads and influencer marketing results. To support this special opportunity for Sconza Chocolates during a special year of celebration, McLernon & Co. delivered a campaign that helped Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds completely sell out at numerous Costco locations throughout the country during its 8-week run.

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