Taking a business leap into the social media world can seem daunting, but luckily there are people out there who do it for a living (Hiii). As an agency who aims to #keepsocialmedia social, we have some tips for people considering to take that next step. From our experience, here are some questions to help you find the right agency fit!


Can I have samples?

Would you buy a car without driving it? Odds are, no. Same should always go when building a business partnership with an agency. You will invest valuable time and resources into this relationship, so be confident in your choice. Ask to see their work! Along with asking them directly, do some investigating on your own time. Browse their website portfolios, looking at the style and testimonials. Take some time to snoop on the social accounts they currently run. These efforts combined will lead you down the right path!


What Are Your Opinions on Social Media?

Trust and believe social marketers are paying attention to the big campaigns out there. You can also learn a lot about their preferences by asking this. Pick their brain to see what recent campaigns they enjoy. Discover what platforms they love to use. Are they grade-A ‘grammers’ or top-notch tweeters? Who are some of the influencers and industry leaders they follow? Understanding what captures their attention, will determine if they are a good fit for you. And don’t worry about asking all of these questions! If a social media agency is really on their game, they’ll happily dive into the deets with you.


What Methods Will You Be Using To Grow?

This is probably the most important question of all, because it has a direct impact on your brand’s success. Be open to asking what type of tools and platforms will use internally. Every agency has a different methodology for selecting platforms. Make sure they can clearly back up their preferences with knowledge and facts. If you really want to make the most of this conversation, do a bit of homework beforehand! Research social management tools and become familiarized with popular services. Then come prepared with questions to ask. Even if you don’t fully understand, at least you won’t be walking in blind. When preparing to have this conversation, also understand the agency will keep a sense of privacy on practices. This is not deceive you, but in order to protect their methodologies from being unfairly taken. Even if they don’t provide full details, they should be able to give a high-level overview of how they will grow the account. Overall, having a deeper sense of knowledge about the platforms they’ll use, will give you the opportunity to ask more insightful questions in the future!


What Type of Advertising Will We See?

Advertising is another key piece of puzzle for social success. When done correctly, social media advertising can generate phenomenal results (annnd revenue). Once you have a better grasp on the programs and tools they’ll be using, go the extra mile to ask about paid content strategies. It might not seem like a big deal, but you want to work with someone who knows how to efficiently spend your money. This will not only expand your insight, but also plant a seed for you to start considering how paid social campaigns will tie into your budget.


What Type of Reporting Will I See?

The numbers never lie! Having a consistent, reporting structure for social media has a significant impact on growth. It also helps develop a transparent relationship between you and your agency. If they’re truly invested in expanding your business, reporting will be a huge factor. Don’t be afraid to ask the specifics either. How often will I receive reports? What will be in them? Remember, you are paying them to work on your behalf, so make sure it’s a meaningful partnership.

All in all, the process of choosing an agency to represent you, is basically like getting into a committed relationship. Part of which is understanding  the extent of commitment based on the type of package you sign for. Larger retainers are prioritized when preparing content and distributing tasks to agency team members. By absolutely no means does this mean smaller-scale accounts won’t receive the same passion and creativity! It will be the same brains and talent working, there will just be a difference in terms of time and tools being used. Regardless of size, the process of strategizing and implementing your social plan, is going to require dedication on both ends. Some days will be peachy, other days, not so much. But the highs and lows are all an integral part of the process. So, make sure you’re connected with a team who is passionate, on top of their stuff, and knows how to #keepsocialmediasocial!