Hi McLernon and Co. Fam,


I’m Emily, the newest strategist and partner of #AndCo. Amanda and I have known each other for 10+ years and have talked about business and entrepreneurship since our early days in retail. We’ve dreamt about a social media collaboration for some time and the stars aligned this year and a new beautiful partnership was made. We are the ying to each others yang, the pro to each other con and both totally PUMPED to officially be in Denver, Co. working together to bring your social media marketing strategy and platform management to life.


I consider myself a true expert in strategy, content and campaign execution for all social media platforms and have been refining my digital marketing portfolio for the last 4 years. I’ve worked with small and big, startups and corporate, five team members to two-hundred and fifty (if you want to creep, you can find them here, here and here) and am ECSTATIC to work + grow the clientele at McLernon & Co.


What I love about social media:


  • Creativity: I’m a creator at heart. I’ve always had a ability to image and brainstorm the content my company or client needs and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter lend to be the perfect platforms for that. I love social media because it gives you the opportunity to showcase creativity in the viewpoint through short stories.


  • Connection:  Networking sucks. (Ok jk I actually love it because of my uber extrovert personality) but I get it, it’s intimidating. That’s why I love social. Anyone is available at your fingertips. How great is it that you have the opportunity to connect with a mentor or future client via a digital platform.


  • Everyday Life: Wine flight? Snap it. New bed linens? Gram it. Girls trip? You better be showing us the dirty details on IG stories. Social media allows me to share my life with you and learn more about yours. Reading about your day, struggles and comedic moments makes #KeepingSocialMediaSocial the ultimate (almost in person) experience.



What you can find me doing at #AndCo:


Ultimately you can find me helping manage and systemize McLernon & Co. Coming from fast-paced business I know the importance of crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s when it comes to building a start-up and have brought my best assets to the team. As a new partner in the company Amanda and I spend our days networking, proposal pitching and determining how to scale the business for growth and longevity. I’m best known on the #AndCo team for being a “process hardass” (a term that is used endearingly!) and the person with the most swoonworthy photography and editing skills. (If it’s cute and I see it, I snap it and ‘gram it!)


So.. as we settle into year 2 at McLernon & Co. I’d love to connect with you! If you’re local to Denver, Colorado let’s grab coffee or wine (I’m frequently found wandering around Union Station) and if you’re further, let’s jump on the phone and e-meet. Amanda and I are so excited for the changes ahead and we promise to post about them every step of the way. Have entrepreneurial advice or digital marketing questions, leave a comment below and let’s get to know each other! There’s nothing more important than building your network and making friends along the way.


Xo Emily

PS – Have a project you think we would be a great fit for? Contact us to chat!