Photo credit: Tia Lorae Storytelling

Hey everyone – Amanda here! A few weeks ago, after getting extremely fired up about climate change, I asked our team to do some brainstorming around sustainability and how McLernon & Co. could do its part to protect our planet. The result? Our new sustainability commitment.

The idea of a sustainability commitment came to me after I considered the impact one of my favorite brands, Drybar, was having on the planet. While Drybar makes AMAZING products, their packaging and the propellent gasses found in most of their aerosol hair products are pretty hard on the environment – the ozone layer, specifically.

I really don’t want to give up dry shampoo or my love for Drybar, so I looked to see if they had a sustainability commitment or a climate pledge like the one Amazon recently released. No dice.

After being a little disappointed by this, I realized that it would be completely hypocritical for me as a business owner to hope another brand had a sustainability commitment when ours didn’t either.

SO, our team sat down and talked about climate change, sustainability and our responsibility as individual people, a team and a brand.

Here’s what we came up with:

Sustainability Commitment
At McLernon & Co., we understand that our footprint on this earth matters. We know that if each one of us makes a small effort each day, we can build sustainable habits that have a positive impact on the planet. Above all, we are committed to being mindful about what we consume, what actions we take and how our actions impact the planet. We strive to inspire our clients and business partners to do the same.

Employees at McLernon & Co. are committed to taking the following steps towards sustainability:

  • We will support local businesses whenever possible to reduce the use of shipping materials, especially when purchasing supplies for our office.
  • We will provide reusable flatware, plates and cups at our Denver headquarters and be committed to choosing reusable options whenever consuming things at the office.
  • When our Denver team eats at the Dairy Block beneath our office, we will get items in “for here” containers and return them to be washed rather than getting them to go.
  • We will power down our computers completely at the end of the day to preserve energy usage.
  • We will print documents as little as possible.
  • We will request that our clients do not print our monthly reporting or strategy plans unless they plan to actively use them once printed.
  • We will bring reusable bags with us when we run business errands.
  • We will only travel for business when necessary and utilize Zoom and other digital tools to deepen our client relationships.
  • We will carpool, use public transit and utilize low-emission vehicles whenever possible for our transportation to work and client meetings.
  • We will support a sustainability/climate change-focused nonprofit each year on our birthday with a monetary donation.