$19k+ in Purchases
$17.2k+ in ROAS
$1.8k spent on Ads
455 purchases from Little Fashionista Boutique
1.3k+ clicks to Little Fashionista Boutique website
150k+ Facebook & Instagram impressions
20k+ People Reached
1.8k+ Post Engagements


About the Project:

Between October and December of 2018, McLernon & Co. had the pleasure of working with the Little Fashionista Boutique on a short term project with a goal of boosting Holiday sales. The owner of LFB custom designs and handcrafts each clothing piece on her website and entrusted the team at McLernon & Co. to market her pieces through Paid Social Media efforts on Facebook and Instagram.


The Tactics:

McLernon & Co. developed a tiered marketing plan to target a prospecting audience utilizing demographic and geographic insight from past purchasers. We also utilized Facebook to make custom Lookalike Audiences based off website visitors, Facebook page engagers and past purchase information. We launched our Halloween campaigns with fun, witty copy and adorable creative. After learning more about our audience, we served viewers on Facebook and Instagram with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Fall and Christmas Ads. Accompanying these campaigns, we diligently ran Retargeting efforts to ensure that we brought each customer down the conversion funnel through to make a purchase.

McLernon & Co. developed a strategic testing phase for our ads and tested various product images to determine which best resonated with our audience. We included a strong call-to-action with each of our ads.

McLernon & Co.’s challenge was to move a great volume of 2018 product to make room for new 2019 Little Fashionista Boutique arrivals. We utilized promotional codes to offer an extra incentive for those who clicked through to the website, Added to Cart or Engaged with the Little Fashionista Facebook page, retargeting them with special messaging. We also created a great deal of excitement by teasing that we had a special sale coming to all of the Little Fashionista Boutique fans!  We did this organically and through our paid efforts and after the Christmas Holiday we launched a “Last Chance Sale,” deeply marking down select items that we needed to move. In the last week of December, our efforts resulted in 49 purchases and over 18,000 impressions served.


The Results:

From October through December of 2018, McLernon & Co. delivered over $19,000 in sales and over $17,200 in return on ad spend. Within a three-month time period our campaigns directly resulted in 150,000 impressions to over 20,000 people, which resulted in 455 purchases and over 1,300 clicks to the Little Fashionista Boutique Website. We paid under $4 per purchase and garnered over 1,800 post engagements.

We helped our client to effectively and efficiently brand her business, drove direct conversions from her site and helped her move product in a timely manner.

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