Submissions are in and voting has opened for 2019 Denver Startup Week! We’re still connecting with people who came to our social media session last year and are so grateful to be able to contribute to such a vibrant startup community here in Denver.

With your help, we’ll see you again at this year’s Denver Startup Week in September. So take a look below at the sessions we’ve submitted for this year, and vote for the one you’d love to attend the most by May 20 (or vote for them all!).


Top 3 Essentials for Your Marketing Mix

How do you get the right blend of marketing tactics to fall in line with one delicious, cohesive strategy? Well, to start, you have to include the right ingredients.

During this panel, we’ll bring in top experts from the marketing industry to walk us through the top three essentials for your marketing mix – website development, email strategy, and social media. We’ll dive deep into why these three are the most important, and how you can utilize them all for your startup or small business.



Social Media Strategy for Startups

This social media strategy workshop was designed and will be presented by two of the top social media managers in Denver. We’ll walk you through how to set up a social media strategy, how to narrow down your goals, what content you should be producing, and how to measure it all effectively.

This is an interactive workshop that will leave you with resources to help get started on your social media strategy the moment you get back to your computer. We’ll teach you strategy tactics and walk you through the dos and don’ts of social media. Whether you’ve barely dipped a toe into social media or you’ve already created a full and complete strategy, this session will give you the tools to help you reach the next level.



How to Measure ROI on Social Media

Yes, you can measure ROI on brand awareness. Yes, you can measure ROI on your social giveaway campaign.

We hear so many marketers struggle to answer the question, “How do I measure ROI on social media?” During this session, we’ll teach you the key metrics to focus on when analyzing your social media strategy and how you can tie that back to your full spend. It is entirely possible to measure ROI, you just have to execute a solid strategy and know which KPIs really matter.



Paid Social Ads on a Shoestring Budget

Paid ads on social media only work for the big guys with big budgets, right? Nope! During this session, we’ll walk you through how to get the most bang for your buck on social media, even if your buck is smaller than your competitors.

Our social paid ads experts have experience across all business industries, from B2C e-commerce to B2B lead generation. We’re going to show you how to effectively set up a paid social campaign and how to utilize audiences and creative to get the most out of your startup budget.



Influencers and Engagement Strategy for Startups

Influencers and engagement may seem like social media buzzwords, but they’re vital for your social media marketing strategy. During this session, we’ll walk you through the right way to research and connect with the influencers who fit your business, and how to produce results with their campaigns. It’s important to cover engagement during this session as well, as the two go hand-in-hand for building a true community.

Social media marketing is just that – social. Influencers are a fun and creative way to engage with new audiences and gather new content for your social platforms.