About the Project:

In April 2017, McLernon & Co. signed a new client to assist in their upcoming website launch. An online retailer focusing on sustainable and ethically-sourced products from around the world, with no online presence upon contract signing. The goal was to create successful platforms for their brand, to support the launch of their online boutique in time for the holidays.

Often times, our clients come to us with a start to their social accounts, in need of assistance to make it their best. In this case, we created each platform ourselves and worked on growing their following from zero. In order to make the most out of the launch, we wanted to grow a base following of their ideal customers on their social platforms. This was highly attributed to genuine engagement of their target audience with the goal of converting followers into customers. To do this, we focused on finding the accounts that were aligned with the company’s mission statement – those that expressed interest in ethically sourced and sustainable products. To us, this could be one of two types of audiences; customers looking to support sustainable product retailers, or those who produce these kinds of products for our client to carry and feature on her site.

The Tactics:

Our primary focus for this launch was to establish the brand’s presence online. We had the opportunity to curate the Instagram and Facebook feeds, and handle full paid ads management, as well as assist with some email marketing efforts. Once we had an understanding of who we wanted to target, we got to work on crafting an aesthetically pleasing Instagram grid with a carefully scripted copy to correspond with each photo. We believe that consistent posting of high-quality photos with strong copy is one of the greatest tactics you can do for growing your social accounts. Considering our client carried a variety of products from sources around the world, we relied heavily on finding reposts to make up our grid. In addition, we were able to engage with our ideal customers by focusing on hashtags relevant to our client’s mission and brand. Throughout the two months that McLernon & Co. worked on this project, #EcoFriendlyFashion #EthicallyMade were the highest performing hashtags, reiterating the importance of aligning the hashtags you use with those that are going to be relevant to your messaging and your brand.

The Results:

Our client received 16,875 impressions (views) in just two months. Those 16 thousand impressions were largely due to the consistent content and Facebook posts starting on 11/1/17.

We were able to generate 171 organic clicks to the website using the tactics mentioned above. Additionally, our client’s website received 678 clicks from the paid advertisements which the And Co. team managed. With these efforts running for just over two months, that’s roughly 14 clicks per day via social media.

Over the course of our project, the account gained 382 followers. (Growing 100% due to both being a new platform). Women ages 18-24 residing in the United States, specifically New York. NY or Chicago, IL, was the highest engaging audience and well within our ideal customer audience.