And holiday get-togethers are in full swing. That reminds us that doing social media right is like hosting a successful holiday party.

A fun holiday get together takes planning ahead and attention to detail. The same goes for running a successful social media platform.

These are our top tips to be the hostess with the mostess online this holiday season:


1. Create an inviting atmosphere

Think of your content as the decor in your house. It should represent your taste, keep a consistent style, make your guests feel comfortable and encourage conversation.

Remember that the overall aesthetic look of your platforms can create a lasting impression on your community.


2. Keep the chatter flowing

Don’t use social media only to sell. Use it to tell your story and connect with your community. How can you do this?

  • Take your community behind the scenes of your business.
  • Share news and events.
  • Acknowledge holidays, anniversaries, milestones and special occasions.


3. Be a great conversationalist

The best conversations begin with showing an interest in the other person and their world.

A few tips for a conversation to flow smoothly are:

  • Make it about your audience: show interest in your audience and their world.
  • Be a good listener: Pay attention to the wants and needs of your community.
  • Get to know your community: Ask questions, respond to comments, start conversations, ask for their opinion.


4. Be inviting

  • Feel free to give a little push with a call to action. What would you like your community to do?
  • Visit your website?
  • Submit photos?
  • Provide an email address?
  • Subscribe to a newsletter?


5. Balance

There’s a fine line between carrying a conversation and controlling it. That’s why timing is important on social media.

Whether you choose to post on a regular schedule or twice in a row, make sure to keep balance. Don’t bombard your community with content but don’t go silent either.


6. Mingle

The best thing about social media is that literally anybody is at your fingertips: thought leaders, celebrities, bloggers. Reach out to them and keep social media social.


We hope that this season is full of holiday cheer and that you open the door of your platforms to share and connect with your community.