Let us paint a picture for you …

Get Unstuck With An Intensive Social Media Strategy Session

Feeling burnt out and stressed out about social? We got you.


OK, so, real talk, how many times have you put off that “figure out social media stuff” item on your to-do list?

  • Maybe, the idea of Googling for hours makes your eyes cross, and your hand reach for a glass of something cold and bubbly.
  • Maybe, you feel overwhelmed by all the accounts, metrics, and “8 best practices that will totally change your life forever” emails competing for your time.
  • Maybe, you need a specific social media strategy to go after a time-sensitive goal, such as a product launch or seasonal campaign.
  • Maybe, you personally want to clean up your digital and social media life so that you feel calmer and more centered when you interact online.

No matter the maybe, you feel stuck, unproductive and just kind of icky. So, you put it off, prioritize something else, and hope that item magically disappears from your list.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

But, here’s what can happen—an intensive, two-hour social media strategy session with McLernon & Co.’s founder and mastermind, Amanda McLernon. At the end of it, you’ll feel refreshed, motivated, and—dare we say it—actually excited about tackling a social media strategy. You’ll have a plan of action and a clear path to move forward and get unstuck.

Look how happy these people are …


“Amanda brings a depth of digital marketing experience along with boundless energy and insight, to the process, which leads to great brainstorming on directional questions.  Ideas abound and creative decisions are the result.”

— Janet Sconza, Sconza Chocolates

The nitty-gritty

Here’s where we break down what’s included:

  • Creative, content, social media, and overall business strategy consulting
    • Goal and target setting for sales or social, depending on your needs
    • Recommendations for improvement
  • Homework you’ll actually want to do (we swear)
  • Deep encouragement and energy. And, who doesn’t need that?
  • A strategy document you create together during the session
  • A recording of the meeting to re-watch fondly

So, what’s it going to cost me? $500 for all of that, and some peace of mind to spare.

OK, I want it! Gimme!