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Once Upon A Feed: Custom, Creative And Engaging FB And IG Stories

FB and IG Stories that’ll make your audience swoon


per month for six months, with discounts for up-front payments for the entire contract

Admit it—you’ve got a bit of feed-envy when you look at your competitor’s Instagram and Facebook stories. Not enough to send them a bushel of poison apples or anything, but enough that makes you wish for a fairy godmother who could Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo a gorgeous campaign that engages your audience and results in sales and conversions.

Well, consider us your talking mice, the genie of the lamp, and Glinda all rolled into one. We’ll take your ideas, campaigns, brand design, and goals, throw them into a cauldron, and brew up Facebook and Instagram stories that will attract clients and customers like little kids to a ginger-bread house.

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“Amanda brings a depth of digital marketing experience along with boundless energy and insight, to the process, which leads to great brainstorming on directional questions.  Ideas abound and creative decisions are the result.”

— Janet Sconza, Sconza Chocolates

The nitty-gritty

Here’s where we break down what’s included. Over a six-month contract, you’ll get:

  • One 30-minute strategy/planning call per month to map out what’s going on your stories
  • Four strategic stories for Facebook and Instagram per month
    • Each story will include 4-7 slides each, customized to your brand and style with creative graphics and content
  • One story published per week, in the app, with interactive graphics such as polls, questions, and more

I’m ready to wish upon a star and get my happily ever after