We created this Halloween-themed Instagram story for our client, Sconza Chocolates:

Strategy: To create and share fun, playful, and engaging content to build brand awareness around a seasonal topic without being overtly salesy.

Since Sconza is a candy company, their brand lends itself well to Halloween snacking, and we wanted to jump on the opportunity to tie their brand into seasonal themes and trends.

Approach: Rather than relying on Sconza’s product photography for visual content, we created a branded template with a lot of blank space, so each story slide had plenty of room for playful gifs.

We wanted the story to be interactive with a poll on each slide, so we came up with a variety of Halloween themed “this or that” options (e.g., witch vs. ghost; black cat vs. bat; spooky playlist vs. scary movie), as well as a few Sconza candy options.

We relied heavily on gifs for the visual content, with the exception of the product slides, and created the majority of the story natively within the Instagram app.

Why this works: For Sconza’s audience, this story was fun and playful, and showcased the Sconza product within a bigger piece of interesting content that engaged and entertained, beyond selling Sconza’s candies.

Need help creating strategic Instagram stories that tie into seasonal themes? We have a package for that! Send an email to Amanda at amanda@mclernonandco.com to schedule a meeting and #keepsocialmediaspooky 👻