It’s back to school time! You may have noticed recently that a very important initiative has been trending online. #ClearTheList is a way for teachers to receive a little help when it comes to providing their students and classrooms with the supplies they need. We believe this is a trend that perfectly aligns with our mission to #KeepSocialMediaSocial and we are excited to support it!

Many families can’t afford the extensive lists that come along with the first day of school. But that means it’s often up to their teacher to fund the difference, and on a teacher’s salary, that is not always possible.

Teacher wishlists have become a popular way for educators across the US to get what they need for the upcoming school year, and we want to help!

Our team has collected a series of wishlists from teachers we love and want to support. Please feel free to contribute what you can or share with your own networks to help us #ClearTheList for some amazing teachers!

Sydnie’s (soon to be) sister-in-law is a second-grade teacher in a diverse community in Northern Colorado. The whole department put together their list as a team and they would appreciate your help! Click here to see this Colorado-based wishlist and help out these teachers!

Madison’s friend Mrs. Johnson has been teaching for 13 years and takes pride in what she does for her students. She put together a list of fun and essential items to use in her classroom. See the full list here!

Jessie’s mom teaches reading, writing, and math at an elementary school in Des Moines, Iowa. Luckily, her material classroom needs have been pretty well met for the upcoming school year, but some other teachers in her building, like Mrs. Mayberger, could use a little help! Click here to contribute to her list!

Emily used to work for the Minnesota Historical Society, where she met some of the most talented history teachers in the state. Mrs. Forrest has been a middle school history teacher for 28 years. Help her in purchases some new books and supplies for the classroom!