For the month of December, we here at #AndCo want to give our clients the spotlight. Each of us-Amanda, Emily, Courtney and Sydnie- have chosen one client to feature each week of the month to dig a little deeper into what made them who they are and how their brand is impacted and influenced by social media. For the second week, Emily has chosen to feature Kesarya, a new eco-friendly womens brand that launched in November! Kerri (their owner) and her company have only recently joined us here at #AndCo, but we could not be more in love with her business and having her as a client! Kesarya’s goal is to unite great style and ethical industry practices to empower professional women worldwide. Their clothing and accessories are ethically sourced (many of which are vegan), and are designed to empower those who make and wear them. Recognizing the importance of giving back to those in need, Kesarya contributes a portion of our profit to support programs working with at-risk youth and women in the United States and Central America.

When did you get started?

The concept for Kesarya had been incubating for some time, but it finally took shape this past summer. Once I honed in on my mission, I sought advice … as much as I could get my hands on. My days were spent picking the brains of my insightful (and patient) friends and brilliant mentors. After countless hours poring over books, articles and emails, Kesarya had finally become a reality. All those 5am alarms and weekends spent at my laptop were paying off. Looking back, there were definitely some moments when I grappled with doubt, the mind has a way of doing that. But my heart is so firmly rooted in this project and that’s honestly what kept me afloat. Every sacrifice was really an investment toward my passion, Kesarya.

What do you love about being in business for yourself?

What I love most is the opportunity to make a direct impact in people’s lives around the world, including here in the United States. I’ve worked hard to take ownership over my professional life so I can contribute my skills to something much bigger than myself. I certainly don’t work any less, but this is the work I feel I’m meant to do. It is truly liberating to apply my creative side toward my passions every day. Plus, I’m not restricted to a 9 to 5 schedule. While owning a business comes with plenty of risks, they are entirely my own to make and to grow from in pursuit of my professional and personal ambitions.

What do you love about your customers?

There’s so much to love! Kesarya customers are diverse, altruistic and passionate about life. Every single one of my customers has a voice that can make positive change in this world. Their wild ambitions pull them out of bed each day and propel them to do amazing things (and they know even the smallest gestures can be amazing). Some volunteer at animal shelters, others tutor youth or work to empower other women. What I love most is the connection I feel with them in our shared mission to leave this world better than we found it.

How does social media impact your business?

I work with customers and suppliers from all over, and social media allows my business to engage with these people every day. Creating consistent, thoughtful content and making real connections through social media is a full time job. That’s why I’m so thankful to work with McLernon & Co to ensure Kesarya’s social media presence is professional, engaging and unique.  Not only does it simplify the day to day for me, but I am confident my business’ social media accounts are in great hands.

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Instagram @kesaryashop and Facebook: Kesarya