In honor of the prankiest day of the year, the team at McLernon & Co. had the chance to show off our creative side through witty posts and ads for April Fools Day. This holiday was a great opportunity to show off the not-so-serious side of a few of our client brands and to create some buzzworthy organic posts.

Tru Fru: Our strategy for Tru Fru involved pushing the size of Tru Fru’s raspberries to the limit! We designed an eye-catching gif comparing our Tru Fru fruit to the competition’s berries. Though we revealed at the end of our post that it was just an April Fools Day joke, we also made sure to include some truthful, delicious facts about Tru Fru!


The Beef Boutique: McLernon & Co. developed a hilarious new brand for The Beef Boutique and introduced ‘The Meat Boutique’! We created fun Instagram Stories, featuring our new ‘products’ of online meat and chicken options in a hilarious gallery. ‘The Meat Boutique’ is “your one-stop shop for fashion and high-quality cuts of meat!”



Acadian Pools: Our strategy for Acadian Pools involved Houston Astros humor, as this brand is in the heart of Texas! We posted a photo of an Acadian Pools’ high-end backyard pool edited with one half blue and the other orange, in true Astro spirit. The fake phone number subtly hinted towards the April Fools joke, and generated some fantastic engagement!



Therapy Reset: For this client we took a more serious take on mental health, reminding people participating in April Fools Day pranks that mental health is no joking matter. We created a thought-provoking graphic and received some wonderful feedback from our Facebook and Instagram followers.


The McLernon & Co. team enjoys creating multi-dimensional plans for holidays and dreaming up creative ways to gain positive attention for our clients. If you’ve been considering an individual approach to your organic social media strategy or a structured paid advertising plan, set up a free consultation to chat with us here!