Core Values


We constantly think about our core values and how they affect our work every day. Our work may shift as the business continues to grow and change, but our core values will continue to drive us in everything that we do.

People first, always

People first, always.

We value our people, no matter what. Whether that’s our clients, or internal team or our dedicated contractors, we are loyal to maintaining and developing our relationships. Above all else, we are HUGE on communication and teamwork. The phrase “It takes a village” is absolutely true and we know that firsthand. Our team creates genuine, empathetic connections with everyone we work with.

Expertise without ego

Expertise without ego.

Each person on our team provides expertise in a specific area that gives us versatility and allows us to adapt with our clients, but that expertise is never accompanied by ego. Our team has the confidence to take the lead on a project AND has the ability to adjust if something isn’t working. We value emotional intelligence at McLernon & Co., both among our team members and in our client relationships.

Empowering our team and
clients to be BOLD

Empowering our team and clients to be BOLD.

Big ideas come from big thinkers and we encourage both our team members and our clients to get creative and not shy away from bold ideas. When we are willing to take (calculated) risks together, we set ourselves up to innovate and succeed!

Dedication to our craft

Dedication to our craft.

At McLernon & Co., we don’t come to the office just for the sake of working. We care about our clients and the work we do, and it shows. We are devoted to learning and adapting to the needs of each client. Our team is results focused and understands that the key to success is producing consistent, quality work that evolves with our client relationships.

Passionate, with a zest for life

Passionate, with a zest for life.

We’re a team of people who are grateful to be alive and are passionate about everything we do, in and out of work. Unashamed optimism is a personal trait of everyone on our team and even on the hard days, we are able to find gratitude in the lessons we are learning.

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