About the Project:

The California Rodeo Salinas, one of the top 20 Professional Rodeos in the United States and the largest rodeo in California, celebrated its 108th performance this year and contracted social media agency McLernon & Co. to support all social efforts before, during and after the event.


Organic social media efforts for the 108th annual California Rodeo Salinas began in April 2018. Clearly an established event with a strong marketing team, our McLernon & Co. team was tasked with a pre-event goal of increasing awareness to drive ticket sales through CA Rodeo Salinas’s social media channels. We were also “boots on the ground” during the five-day event covering rides, performances, and events providing behind the scenes footage and helping produce an exclusive Facebook live show.

From the start, our overarching goals were to:

  • Support ticket sales and increase the general public’s awareness of the rodeo in order to drive attendance.
  • Continue to grow and deepen our relationship with the community of genuine rodeo fans online.
  • Educate the Salinas community and nationwide rodeo community about all the philanthropic efforts the California Rodeo Salinas provides.
  • Educate the Salinas community about the history, legacy and sport of rodeo in order to deepen our fans from “ just attendees” to advocates for the California Rodeo Salinas.
  • Drive a message of awareness and responsibility for nationwide rodeo community members to continue to grow the sport of rodeo.

The Tactics:

Platforms and Content Strategy: As with any big event, California Rodeo Salinas had a lot of moving parts and we had a lot of goals to accomplish! On top of posting consistent, quality content 4-10 times per week, we had a variety of initiatives to cover each week leading up to the main event.

Through weekly meetings with our client, we established what was most important for the week to come in terms of posting priorities and topics to cover. This allowed us to increase our number of published posts without becoming too sales-focused or redundant, and allowed us to make sure our content was supporting all of our goals.

We were primarily focused on Instagram and Facebook, with the onsite event addition of Twitter.

Education: We made educational content our priority, and incorporated it into our day-to-day content by making sure that when we needed to make an event-based update we also incorporated the history and heritage of rodeo into that content.

Engagement: We paid close attention to our engagement tactics on Instagram in an effort to grow the California Salinas Rodeo account before and during the rodeo. We diligently engaged on content related to the brand across platforms and paid close attention not only to content we were tagged in, but also content that only tagged the event location. We spent dozens of hours making sure our engagement efforts were genuine to help us build relationships within the rodeo community and become an industry leader with our thoughtful and educational comments.

The Results:

  • 18,500+ Engagements (Likes, Comments, Shares) across all social platforms in 5 Days
  • 1,322 New Followers across all social platforms in 5 Days
  • 2,076,600 impressions across all social platforms in 5 Days