August 4, 2022

We're Hiring a Wisconsin Social Media Manager [APPLICATIONS CLOSED]


Social Media Marketers at McLernon & Co. are the cream of the crop in the social media marketing industry. Our team combines their creative content development skills with data driven strategy to drive results for our clients. We are savvy, emotionally intelligent and SOCIAL! 

Job Description: 

This Social Media Manager (SMM) role at McLernon & Co. is a mid-level position for someone who has several years of experience working as a social media manager and is looking to continue their career and grow in social media. Our ideal candidate is social media savvy, makes strong creative content and knows how to grow client brand accounts. They are proud of their Reel & TikTok video creation skills, their creative graphic design skills and their witty caption writing skills. 

Salary Range: This role is a W2 role with a salary range of $58,000-$65,000 plus benefits. Range depends on experience and proven results. 

Role Location: This is a Wisconsin based remote/work from home role as our company is based in Denver. Some travel is expected for this role. ‍Candidates must be based in Wisconsin to be considered for this role.

Start Date: This position would start in late August 2022 or early September 2022. 

Required Qualifications & Skills:

  • You live in Wisconsin and are able to work remotely with some expectation of travel
  • 3-5 years of experience as a social media manager, brand content creator or social media graphic designer at an agency or content marketing organization (self employed content creators or social media managers welcomed to apply)
  • At least 2 years of client management experience 
  • You enjoy working on multiple projects and clients simultaneously and are excellent at time management
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • You have successfully managed clients and campaigns growing audiences across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and/or Eventbrite (and have the data to back it up!) 
  • You are fluent in Canva and/or Adobe and are a strong social media designer 
  • You know how to utilize Sprout Social and/or Agorapulse
  • You are fluent in Google Analytics 
  • You have pulled monthly reporting that ties your content and social media management to results 
  • You can easily write long form blog content 
  • You have experience running social media boosted campaigns or ads and creating content for paid social 

Preferred Qualifications, Interests & Skills 

  • Bachelor's degree in graphic design, marketing, communications, advertising or PR preferred
  • Professional certification in Google Analytics
  • You have an interest in travel
  • You have experience in the tourism industry
  • Passionate about and interested in DEAI
  • You have experience working within Asana
  • You are skilled in photography and/or videography (iPhone or professional) 
  • You are a daily learner and are eager to develop your skill set and influence the social media industry
  • You have a strong work ethic and take pride in your work
  • You are *really* good at creating TikTok videos and Reels
  • You know how to grow social media accounts and you have creative ideas for brands to succeed on social media
  • You are data driven and know how to create content that doesn’t just look good but that performs
  • You LOVE social media and are constantly learning about new platforms, new content types and new social media campaigns
  • You’re great at working remote AND love to still see people IRL (In-real-life) 
  • You want to work on a team that loves serving our clients and impacting their businesses
  • You want to help our company grow and would enjoy representing the company in Wisconsin 
  • You believe in our mission and methodology to Keep Social Media Social™️
  • You speak Spanish fluently and can write / create content in Spanish

Very Important: The ideal candidate is proud to be working in social media and can see a long future in the industry. 

Role Responsibilities 

Client & Project Management & Delegation

  • Manage 3-8 clients at a time (depending on size of client) 
  • Client communication via phone, email, Slack, text and Zoom
  • Occasional weekend social media coverage when needed for client and social management 
  • Work within Asana to keep projects on schedule, meeting deadlines
  • Create tasks for others to delegate as needed 

Audits, Content Creation, Paid Advertising, Scheduling & Posting and Delegation

  • Perform social media audits
  • Create quarterly content plans 
  • Monthly content calendars
  • Day-to-day on-the-fly content 
  • Create long form content such as videos, Reels, TikToks and blogs 
  • Create short form content such as newsfeed, pins, Instagram Stories, Tweets, Instagram Highlights 
  • Create content for paid advertising
  • Place, manage, optimize paid advertising campaigns on social media with assistance and support from other team members
  • Ensure brand consistency in written copy through tone, voice and terminology
  • Collaborate with social media coordinators to delegate and oversee content creation as needed

Engagement / Community Management & Delegation

  • Strategically reply to inbound comments, messages, tags and tweets 
  • Perform outbound engagement - reach out to other accounts being social to create a genuine connection with other creators, brands and individuals from the client accounts 

Campaign Development

  • Create new ideas for campaigns
  • Develop campaigns and tie them to key performance indicators
  • Execute campaigns 
  • Report on campaign performance

Social Media Strategy 

  • Create written and visual strategy plans for clients
  • Determine processes for social media implementation
  • Adjust strategic plans as needed to ensure client success and account growth

Social Media Consulting

  • Consult clients on different areas of social media strategy and management

Join Our Company:

McLernon & Co. is a social media agency whose mission is to Keep Social Media Social. We offer a variety of services to our clients including social media strategy, consulting, content and campaign management. We have a wide range of clients within the tourism, hospitality, event/entertainment and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries. 

Founder & CEO Amanda McLernon started the agency in 2016 after realizing that the social media industry needed more focus and more strategic expertise than other full service marketing agencies could give it. We have been successful in this mission and are proud to have just been recognized as one of the top 100 influencers in advertising and marketing.

Our team loves content marketing and digital marketing and uses our expertise in the industry to create, launch and manage campaigns that are strategic and savvy.

We are proud to be social media content creators, managers and strategists, and our work is treated with respect amongst our peers in the industry. We know that social media is so much more than likes and follows, and when done properly can drive serious results for our clients.

How mental wellness is supported at our company:

Mental wellness at McLernon & Co. is important because we know that social media professionals are on the frontlines of the internet and social media, both of which we know impact mental wellness. Therefore, we are proactive about establishing boundaries for our team.

  • Traditional working weeks at our company are limited to 40 hours a week: we set boundaries with little to no email or Slack after hours unless it’s a hot matter plus no weekend communication unless it’s a predetermined weekend project for a client.
  • The amount of time on social media platforms during working hours for any team member is expected to be a maximum of 25 hours/ week.
  • Though our industry does require our team to be online via email and Slack, it doesn’t require us to be on social media 40 hours a week. Our team is encouraged to find opportunities to fulfill their role without having social media tabs open.
  • Our team members have the choice to have monthly 1:1 meetings with our Founder & CEO, Amanda to talk about their personal relationship with social media.

To apply for this role please include all of  the following in one email to us at*  

*Any candidates who do not follow ALL instructions will not be considered for the role.

1. Your resume

2. A brief "hello" letter OR video. (Think "new age cover letter") This is an opportunity to show your personality, skill set and interest in the role! (Please include information regarding the preferred qualifications!) 

3. Your social media portfolio (examples of your work- Blogs, Articles, YouTube Videos, Reels, TikTok videos,, graphic content, photography content, managed accounts)