February 2, 2021

Communication in the time of Corona: Working with Representative Leslie Herod

In spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caught many of our communities off-guard, and very quickly changed the way we live our lives.

As communication experts, we wanted to use our skills and resources to help share COVID-19 updates and information with the Denver community. We worked with our local Representative Leslie Herod, to create pro-bono content for her and her team to use on her social channels to keep Denver up-to-date and informed.

This included content to be shared in Instagram stories, to share COVID-19 guidelines and updates in a clear, concise way:

Informational graphics to share news and resources on Facebook and Twitter:

And additional content to be shared on Instagram, to inform, educate, and encourage her audience:

Leslie Herod Instagram posts

By creating engaging pieces of social content for Rep. Herod and her team, we were able to assist in the spread of helpful resources and information in the early days of the pandemic in Denver.