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We Are Hiring! Entry Level Social Media Coordinator Role
We are hiring! Apply now for the Social Media Coordinator role - an entry level position perfect for someone looking to get started in a marketing agency.
Go “Viral Locally” in Your Community using the 5E’s of Keeping Social Media Social
The 5 E’s of Social Media™ are not always easy to implement effectively. But like other social media strategies and tactics, this methodology can generate amazing...
Developing a User-Generated Content Strategy with Stickers
We’ve talked in the past about the importance of bringing user-generated content into your social media content strategy; it not only saves you time and resources on...
Communication in the time of Corona: Working with Representative Leslie Herod
In spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caught many of our communities off-guard, and very quickly changed the way we live our lives. As communication experts, we...
Sukwa Saddle Blankets San Antonio Rodeo Campaign Case Study
Sukwa Saddle Blankets works with Imani Collective, a women’s economic empowerment organization based in Mombasa, to make and sell hand-woven saddle blankets, created...
How to Shop Local…Online!
As many small, locally-owned businesses are facing closures and limited foot traffic, it’s more important than ever to support local businesses.Many locally-owned...
The 5 Es of Keeping Social Media Social
If you’re feeling like your newsfeed is filled with COVID-19 updates, that’s because it is. And, so is everyone else’s. And while much of the content being published...
Is Social Media Ruining Your Life?
We get it. Social media can be… a lot.As we become more tied to our digital connections, is essential to have a healthy relationship with social media.Love it or hate...
Move Over Likes. Engagement Is the Name of the Game!
It is not a secret that at McLernon & Co., we believe that keeping social media social is the heart and soul of social media. For us, social media is a powerful...
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Look out for our upcoming Keep Social Media Social™️ Certification in 2022!
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