Hi Guys.

First, let me apologize for how late this May content club blog is. I’ve been dealing with some heavier strategic things in the business through scaling and I haven’t had the energy to sit down and write lately.

I did, however, have the chance to sit down and read – and you can tell that I had a heavy month in May because of how much ‘fun’ reading I did. May 2019 was filled with fictional stories and I LOVED using them to escape my heavy days.

I hear a lot of people say “I don’t read fiction” like they’re bragging about it, but you’ll never hear me say that. This is because fiction helps me get creative… and I learn at least a few new vocabulary words each book, so it is just as ‘valuable’ to me as non-fiction content.

Ok, because this is my blog and therefore I can make my own rules, I’m going to give it to you short and sweet this time.

Books – (FYI – I use Amazon Affiliate links)

1. Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield

  • This book starts getting good about 45% of the way in. Stick with it – the middle and ending are suuuuuper fun.
  • This book reminds me that I’m not as alone as I think I am, though I did identify with the main character a bit more than I want to. (Any other single ladies feel me on this?!)

2. Circe by Madeline Miller

  • This book made me realize that I missed a serious amount of knowledge in high school (thanks, Hortonville) – the basis of Greek Mythology. Realizing I didn’t know much about this topic sent me on a bit of a personal tailspin, and I realized how much I DON’T KNOW – about a lot of topics. Business, finance, religion, politics, psychology…. The list honestly goes on and on.
  • My personal tailspin is not yet over and I’m now THROWING myself into learning and into books, which is probably why my brain hurts so much and why I’ve been having a heavy time.
  • Great book, fun read. Caution – may make you want to learn absolutely everything about Greek Mythology. (Or I’m just a weirdo).

3. An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks, Sarah Pekkanen

  • A psychological thriller that you can still read before bed if you are single and live alone and get scared easily.


Ok, that’s it! We’re well into June as I publish this, so I’ve got most of my list started. If you want to read along with me, here are the books I’m reading in June. (Hopefully, I can get through all of these!!)

  1. Conscious Capitalism (Nonfiction)
  2. City of Girls (Fiction)
  3. The Guest Book (Fiction)
  4. Everything is F*cked (Nonfiction)
  5. Tales of the City (Fiction)

Ok for real – gotta get back to reading now. Bye!