6 pools installed due to our social efforts
$360,000 revenue in new pool installations
50 leads from potential customers
$3.2k spent on Ads
x112.5 Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
1.2k clicks to Acadian Pools’ website
489k+ Facebook & Instagram impressions
83k+ People Reached
1.9k+ Post Engagements


About the Project:

Already established in their community as a leader in the construction industry, Acadian Pools needed help branding their business and garnering leads for their new venture into pool installations. Acadian Pools turned to McLernon & Co. in February 2019 to support these needs with strategic social media marketing.


The Tactics:

McLernon & Co. developed a targeted approach toward reaching prospective customers by using demographic and geographic insights from Acadian management. We ran campaigns for both brand awareness and lead generation with fun, witty copy and creative while emphasizing time-specific deadlines for new pool installations. Our tactics included using a lead generation form on Facebook and utilizing ‘Call Now’ Ads, which ran in sponsorship with Big Green Egg on Facebook and Instagram.

McLernon & Co. developed a strategic testing phase for our ads and tested various product images to determine which best resonated with our audience. We included a strong call-to-action, of ‘Learn More’ or ‘Call Now’ with each of our ads.

McLernon & Co’s challenge was to create brand awareness and evolve brand perception of an already-existing company by introducing a brand association with quality pool installations and design, and backyard remodels. As an incentive, we offered a free Robotic Pool Vacuum for all new Acadian Pools customers who directly converted after seeing one of our ads. To track leads generated specifically from our social media ads, we provided a unique phone number in our messaging.


The Results:

From the 50 quality leads generated from our organic and paid efforts during February through April 2019, Acadian Pools completed 6 pool installations, resulting in approximately $360,000 in revenue. Furthermore, Acadian Pools’ brand and messages reached over 83k people within their target demographic. 489k total impressions on Facebook and Instagram translated to over 1.9k post engagements and more than 1.2k clicks to Acadian Pools’ website.

Beyond measuring ROI or campaign metrics, our client truly feels the success our social media efforts have brought them, saying, “We are getting super busy and I have to say it’s a direct reflection on you getting us in front of more people and getting our name out there.” While having built a total of 25 pools in all of 2018, Acadian has already installed 14 pools year-to-date through April of 2019 and is in the process of quoting out and designing 25 additional pools for 2019.

If you have been considering running a paid advertising campaign to support your brand, or if your campaigns aren’t returning the ROAS you hoped for, set up a free consultation to chat with us here! You can see more client case studies here, and we look forward to hearing about how we can support your business!