Ready to network but don’t know how to connect with like-mind individuals in your area? Or just don’t have time to go to *another* event?  Well, now there’s another bee in town – Bumble (yes, the dating and friend finding app) has released BumbleBizz. A new way to connect with entrepreneurs, business owners and possibly potential clients (B2B or B2C!) Essentially the app uses the same parameters as the original Bumble platform – enter your name, location, interests etc. then allow it to curate a group of similar professionals for you to swipe left (NO) or right (YES!) on. Once two people have matched a conversation can start. The new app hopes to lead you towards professional opportunities, similar industry mentors and of course, the expansion of your network.


7 Tips to make the most out of this app:

1. Get on now – adapting early to apps and platforms like this are KEY. You can get ahead of the game by getting on the app today. 

2. Add photos that show your face. Your first photo should be you looking directly into the camera, so that people will have a good idea of who you are. Remember, this is networking, not dating, so it should be a semi-professional to professional photo. Depending on your brand, your first photo might be a full body, or headshot of you. We recommend including more than one photo in your profile to give other users the ability to get to know you just a little bit more.

3. Add photos that try to show what you do. Have any photos of you in action? These photos can help people understand what you do. (Especially if you’re a service based business!) Use high quality images with personality to get the highest chance of matching with others. Do not post group shots unless you have multiple photos of you alone – otherwise you’ll make the other users have to guess which person you are, which will reduce your chance of being swiped right. 

4. Write a strong “about” section. Tell them who you are and why you are on the app. Don’t be too salesy, and be make sure to be very clear about what you do. (Profiles that are confusing are more likely to be swiped left.)

5. Take off any old jobs that you don’t want to show. Be smart about your past experience. Remember to remove jobs that you don’t want on your profile, and remember that these people are still strangers!

6. Log onto the app when you are in a new city! If your geographic swiping area is small, make sure to check the app when you are traveling, especially if you travel frequently on business. You never know who you’ll meet! IMG_0840

7. Swipe and reach out to people you are interested in!
 You should not feel bad about making the first move, especially with people who would look like ideal clients. Don’t be too salesy, see if you can just meet up for coffee to get to know them, and how you can help support them first. An important note is that on Bumble, the woman MUST initiate the conversation first. Bumble does this to reduce their abuse/harassment rates, and it’s what sets the app apart from other similar swiping platforms. 


BumbleBizz has launched in the US, Canada, UK, France, and Germany on the App Store. (They have an Android app as well!) As digital marketers, we’re intrigued by this virtual networking opportunity and have started our profiles and started swiping. But we want to know… will you download?