We all remember in 2016 when Instagram straight up stole the Snapchat concept and implemented it into their app, never looking back. If you’re anything like us, then you know we were excited but hesitant to adopt this new feature. Could we all really just switch from Snapchat that easily?

Turns out the answer is yes! Over 200 million (and growing) people are using the Instagram Stories feature every day. Instagram Stories has become a great tool for sharing content for your brand outside of the square of your feed. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite storytellers to give you some inspiration when coming up with your next Instagram Story campaign.

  1. @leefromamerica

Everyone’s favorite self-care, matcha drinking, plant-loving best friend on the gram. We can’t get enough of her monthly Spotify playlists or informational tutorials. We mostly love her because her strategy is on the mark! She consistently posts her routine of drinking matcha followed by some meditation or dry-brushing in the mornings. Her typical boomerang at the Equinox gym or PSA on why period cups are amazing. We want to be like her but really we want to implement her ability to tell a story and direct her following to her blog posts or the product page. Incredible!

  1. @thisrenegadelove

Ever want to meet a badass babe that offers tons of free advice, all the while running her own business of freelance writing and photography? Rachel McPhillips of This Renegade Love is your girl. Her ability to talk about the books she loves mixed with some photos of her rescue dog Keith, husband and real-life hustle problems makes every girl feel like you have a best friend that just GETS IT. She also utilizes the full capacity of Instagram Live with her weekly interviews on everything from finance to blog tips. Get on her level.

  1. @imperfectproduce

You might be saying, yeah but I’m a brand or business, how the heck do I do the “social media”? Well my friend, check out Imperfect Produce’s channel because that have consistency and education on lockdown. Transparency Tuesday and What do I do with this Wendesday helps them build a community around their product, which is sending ugly produce boxes to subscription holders, as well as educate people on what to do with vegetables less seen. The coolest part? There’s no frills or fancy video editing required!

  1. @boxwoodavenue

Have you ever wanted to quit your 9-5, drive down the dirt country road, never looking back? Well, be sure to follow Chloe of Boxwood Avenue who gives all the interior and farm-girl chic inspo. What we love so much about Chloe is her ability to stay on-brand even through her stories. We know it’s not the easiest to keep a color theme in both a feed and story, but it feels effortless with Boxwood Avenue. It’s pretty cool how much educational content she pushes out as well. Who doesn’t love a little DIY? Also, ALL the goats.

  1. @oliveandjune

Is it bad we get our nails done purposefully for the gram? Probably why we’re obsessed with Olive and June. Their stories explode with color and design! Not to mention, their CEO is a total BAMF. All the vibes. We can’t get enough of their on-brand content which is bright, fun, and sparkly nails. Is your brand on the louder side? Check out Olive and June for some serious inspo.